Car Mp3 Player – Bluetooth Mp3 Car Kit – Creative Mp3 Car Kit From China

Car Mp3 Player($ 26 usd)


Wholesale China Creative MP3 Car Kit – Car MP3 Player Builit-In Memory +Bluetooth Calls. Car MP3 Players + FM Transmitters + USB Thumb Drives – From China Wholesale Group. It supports MP3 player for SD cards and USB thumb drives, FM transmitter for Bluetooth cell phones, Music Interruption During Phone Call and Resume with USB/Memory Card Music and so on.

Please note:
Car mp3 is a relative newcomer in the world of car audio stereo. Use a wireless FM adapter. Plug the cable from an FM transmitter into your portable MP3 player.
Car mp3 player is also a fashion player now. You can play MP3 files from your home stereo, from your computer, and from a portable player using headphones.
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China Wholesale Car MP3 Player Manufacturer Specifications
Main function: MP3 player for SD cards and thumb drives
Additional function: FM transmitter for Bluetooth cell phones
Supported Music Formats: MP3, WMA (USB or SD/MMC card)
frequency: 87.5 – 108 MHz in 0.1 MHz steps
Power Source: 12-24V DC Cigarette Lighter Socket
Dimension: 125mm x 45mm x 45mm (L x W x D)
1.5 Inch LCD Screen
Bluetooth Properties:
- Version : 2.0
- Range: 10m
- Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, A2DP
- Redial
- Reject
- Personal Answer
- Incoming Display
- Analog Audio In (for input from CD player, etc. )
Manufacturer Ref. : W8UXJ0HFTU1N Other Features:
Backlit LCD Display for Night Use
Caller ID Display
ID3 Info Display
Simple Install
Flexible Neck for Easy Posing of Bluetooth Car Kit
Also has Analog IN audio cable (for Input from CD player etc. )
Music Interruption During Phone Call and Resume with USB/Memory Card Music
Built In MIC Package Contents:
Item No. Ca631 Creative MP3 Car Kit – Car MP3 Player Builit-In Memory +Bluetooth Calls
Remote control
User manual
2.5mm male to 3.5mm male audio cable

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Stormproof The Tough Car Covers For Long Lasting Protection

Your car has to deal with the varieties of hazards and extreme weather conditions. Everyone wants to have pleasing and well maintained car exteriors. However, its not easy to safeguard your car paint and finish. For those who want to keep their cars pleasing and attractive, getting Stormproof car covers is the best option.

The exteriors of your car should be attractive and well maintained. If the car is pleasing and appealing, you will love to ride your car and have great pleasure and fun. Are you passionate to have appealing car? Well, you can easily protect your new car against paint-destroying agents with quality car covers.

Your car is the reflection of your personality. The appealing car makes a powerful statement. Since your cars have to deal with extreme conditionsmanmade and environmental, when it comes to get greater protection you need to get the reliable auto accessories.

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Mercedes Cars Trivia That Builds A Legacy

When most people think of the word “trivia”, they think of it as something that doesn’t really matter. Of course, they are right in a strict dictionary definition way of speaking, but that doesn’t really say everything that needs to be said. In many cases, trivia-when added up-begins to form a picture of an event or place in history. This can be said of Mercedes cars. Sure, they are high performance, luxury vehicles, but everyone knows that already. What they may not know are some of the trivial tidbits in their history. But it is the accumulation of these facts that builds the legacy upon which the current models stand. Here’s a look at some “trivial” facts you may not know.

The Popemobile
It’s one of the most iconic vehicles ever created. It’s the Popemobile, as it’s called in the popular lexicon, and it is used to transport the pope to and from various official ceremonies. It may not be among the Mercedes cars available at your local dealership, but it is nonetheless usually a modification of one of their vehicles. Most recently, the M-Class SUV was used to transport the Catholic Church’s supreme leader, fitted with bulletproof glass and several other modifications that make this vehicle one of a kind.

The MB 600
Throughout years of history, few Mercedes cars have made the impact of the 600. Rolled out in the early 1960s, this vehicle took the concept of luxury and class to another level entirely. This did not go unnoticed by the world’s elite. Celebrities such as Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor were seen in the car, causing its cachet to go through the roof. Of course, the venerable company can’t control who likes their vehicles. Perhaps they won’t be featuring Kim Jong-Il or Saddam Hussein (both former 600 owners) in a commercial anytime soon, but it does little to diminish the immense history behind the automobile.

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How To Select Best Alloy Wheels

There are number of companies designing and manufacturing wheels, it can be difficult to determine who the manufacturer actually is. When you add to that the fact that there are companies making replicas (or fakes) of high-quality wheels, it can be important to determine
who made your wheels.

1. Rim is important parts of wheel. It is situated in outer parts of wheel. First you identified the rim of the wheel. It is the outer part of the wheel, and manufacturers like Endurance often have their logo molded into the rim for identification. Also inspect the area around the lug holes where the wheel is fastened to the car. Always there will be a logo or company name there as well.

2.Inspect the rim cap. The cap is the part that protects the car hub where it comes through the middle of the rim. Produces generally have their company brand name and name on the middle cap. Often tires are losing the middle limits, making it difficult to figure out the manufacturer.

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